Over 100 local leaders to attend conference on October 31, 2013

Legacy Business Cultures is proud to announce that Paul Meshanko, president and CEO, will be a featured speaker at the October 31 “Get To Growth” summit in Columbus, OH. The half-day event will host over 100 leadership executives throughout the region to attend and gain insights on how to transform their role from a leader to a growth multiplier.

Meshanko will present with the summit’s developer James Rores, founder and chief growth officer of The Floriss Group on the topic of “Achieving Transformational Growth Through Culture, Process & Neuroscience.”

To launch the summit, Beth A. Thomas, executive vice president/managing director of consulting services for Sequent will deliver a keynote address on the points of leadership, transformation and growth.

During lunch, participants will have strategic business sharing sessions on key topics facilitated by one high level leader leading the discussions at each roundtable. After the roundtable discussions, Jason Janoski, CEO, American Red Cross Central Ohio Blood Services will be giving the luncheon presentation on “Leadership at the Top-Growth Doesn’t Stop.”

This event is being sponsored by the American Red Cross with additional support from Advizex Technologies, Circone + Associates, The Floriss Group, Legacy Business Cultures and The Pursuit Group.

“It is an honor to be involved in the “Get to Growth” summit this year. Our goal is to help local leaders develop actionable insights to ignite a growth transformation for themselves and their companies,” commented Meshanko.

“There is a critical need in our region for more leaders who can identify and exploit their natural, competitive advantage over other regional, national and global players in their industries. This summit will help accelerate this transformation.”

This October 31 event will be held at The Conference Center at OCLC in Dublin, OH from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. For more details and registration criteria, please visit bit.ly/1538tZa or call 740-549-4989.