The respect effect resonates with every business culture

Legacy Business Cultures, a global provider of leadership and staff training, organizational surveys and e-learning announces a partnership with SMCOV that will greatly expand their business offerings throughout the world.

Through this partnership, SMCOV (a leader in global training distribution) will market and distribute the world-class Intellectual Property (IP) training and workshops based on Legacy’s President & CEO, Paul Meshanko’s book, The Respect Effect, using the science of neuroleadership to inspire a more loyal and productive workplace.

In addition to the curriculum of the Connecting with Respect Workshops (based on the book) and corporate training modules, SMCOV will also be distributing Legacy’s Increasing Human Effectiveness (i.e. personal mastery training), organizational surveys and executive coaching. Each offering will include extensive train-the-trainer education for ongoing development of best-in-class workplace cultures.

“Legacy’s training and key messages of respect will resonate in every culture and with every business,” commented Stephan Mardyks, CEO and co-founder of SMCOV. “No one will argue the importance of respect and to have the science and the training behind it will make for a powerful offering.”

“For the last two decades, I have worked with hundreds of corporations throughout North America and have set my future objectives to have this powerful message of respect reach a global audience. This partnership with SMCOV will allow Legacy to significantly broaden our scope to markets in all countries,” stated Meshanko.

According to David Covey, CEO and co-founder of SMCOV, “We feel there is a dynamic future of corporate training around very specific topics. Paul’s work in neuroscience and the fact that respect is universal are key points for businesses to understand as it relates to increased productivity and employee loyalty.”

SMCOV is the industry leader in the global distribution of intellectual property, representing leading-edge training companies and thought leaders to expanded markets around the world. The brands that SMCOV represent address the many complex challenges currently facing both individuals and organizations today.