New app helps initiate life’s changes

Legacy Business Cultures, a global provider of employee training, organizational surveys and executive coaching announces the availability of MyLegacy Mobile, a new app for iPhone, iPad and Android users that assists them in implementing behavior changes for achieving both personal and professional objectives.

MyLegacy Mobile app can be downloaded free of charge and is designed for the user to quickly and easily develop a personally designed “advertising campaign” for initiating and reinforcing the behavior change necessary for achieving peak performance in his or her daily life.

Designed initially to support the Legacy’s staff and leadership development programs on inclusion, respect, resilience and culture change, the MyLegacy Mobile app allows users to set and keep track of personal values and goals, affirmative reminders and to-do lists. The affirmative reminder section of the app even allows users to add pictures and audio, and sends out reminders during preset times of the day.

“We have done a tremendous amount of research in the field of neuroscience to design an almost fool-proof tool for enabling behavior change and goal pursuit,” said Paul Meshanko, president and CEO of Legacy Business Cultures. “The key is to vividly capture our desired future states with words and images, much like which is done in advertising. Then, you simply run your “campaign” with optimal frequency for consistently nudging yourself in the desired direction. While paper and ink versions of this tool have been available for decades, the MyLegacy Mobile app makes the process more convenient and reliable by having the app technology automatically drive the review process.”

“From a technology and design platform, MyLegacy Mobile app is intuitive and highly functional,” said Jason Pribble, Legacy Business Cultures’ technology project leader. “We worked on several versions and did an extensive amount of testing to confirm usability and technology interface with all smart phones and tablets. Once the app is downloaded, its intuitive menu takes the users through a process of mapping out four key areas: Values, Goals, Affirmative Reminders, and To-Do List, mapping their path forward. Each screen area is enabled to capture individual information and eliminates the need for traditional paper lists.”

At times of the day selected ahead of time, the MyLegacy Mobile app will automatically prompt the user to review their affirmative reminders. The ability to customize these prompts with the pictures and audio effects engages the brain’s limbic system (emotional center) to further support motivation and movement toward the desired behaviors and goals.

While all lasting behavior change takes time to embed itself, the app is structured to work in the background as a subtle, but constant reinforcement tool. Beta participants using the MyLegacy app confirm that reinforcement throughout the day has an almost immediate and positive effect on their behavior change efforts.

“In addition to being a very effective personal performance tool, this app supports and further emphasizes learning for our clients who have participated in Legacy’s Connecting with Respect, Resilience 360 and Increasing Human Effectiveness workshops,” said Meshanko.

Download the MyLegacy Mobile app.