Legacy Business Cultures, a global provider of employee training, organizational surveys and executive coaching is partnering with the Blue Courage team, an organization of law enforcement educators, to offer a course on The Respect Effect for Law Enforcement.

The course will be based on Paul Meshanko’s book: The Respect Effect: Using the science of neuroleadership to inspire a more loyal and productive workplace. (McGraw-Hill, 2013)

According to Michael Nila, managing partner for Blue Courage and retired police commander:

“Our organization had been looking to develop an educational process focusing on respect for quite awhile. Now with Paul’s book and the customized training that is being developed, we will have a powerful education process for law enforcement officers to more effectively engage citizens.

“The primary mission of any law enforcement organization is community safety and the protection of constitutional rights. Delivering on that promise starts with a culture of respect that extends from the office to the streets. Trust between police and community is essential for effective policing and trust is nurtured when police respectfully engage citizens and one another.”

Meshanko who is also president and CEO of Legacy Business Cultures added: “The partnership with Blue Courage is innovative in being able to take the tenets of our research and demonstrate how an internal respectful culture within the law enforcement ranks will lead to enhanced engagement and productivity. In addition, there is the opportunity within a respectful work environment to reduce EEOC litigation, grievances, absenteeism and turnover.

“Along with Michael and his terrific team at Blue Courage, I believe that the external benefits from this training will be community safety, trust and positive citizen interaction through a reduction of complaints, confrontations and officer assaults.”

With this new respect training being added to the Blue Courage offering, Nila believes that there is opportunity for police academies and public safety organizations across the United States to include respect training as part of their core curriculum.

About Blue Courage
Blue Courage and its team of former law enforcement officers provide an educational process designed to ensure the development of a highly evolved police officer who is prepared at any moment to reflect the best of what policing demands. The training programs are designed to forge a culture of leadership, character and service in the spirit of what democratic policing promises its citizenry. It is a process aimed at developing the right: Heart-set, Mind-set, Skill-set and Tool-set, enabling officers to meet the demands of modern policing. Blue Courage is a brand within SMCOV, the industry leader in the global distribution of intellectual property representing leading-edge training companies and thought leaders.