Legacy Business Cultures has announced the offering of a condensed version of its award-winning employee engagement program, Increasing Human Effectiveness, or IHE®. The new one-day version of the two-day workshop is designed to deliver the most critical aspects of the curriculum while accommodating participants’ increasingly busy schedules.

Legacy Business Cultures’ Managing Partner Paul Meshanko says “The initial client feedback has been simply extraordinary. By leveraging internet technology and revising our delivery format, we’re now able to provide busy managers and executives with the same proven staff development benefits they’ve come to depend on, but in a single-day format”.

IHE® is an employee engagement process designed to leverage an organization’s culture to help maximize effectiveness and productivity. It also helps to greatly improve both employee motivation and retention by targeting individual attitudes, beliefs, expectations and behavior patterns in the workplace. As a training and development tool, many Legacy Business Cultures clients claim that IHE positively impacts business performance metrics more than any other “human capital” investment available. Specifically, the IHE curriculum helps organizations:

  • Improve overall customer service and satisfaction metrics
  • Improve business productivity and profitability
  • Increase organizational resilience and adaptability in times of transition
  • Develop a culture of accountability and excellence at all levels
  • Significantly raise both employee and manager survey scores

Parker-Hannifin Corporation (NYSE:PH), headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, has sent over 3,000 employees through Legacy Business Cultures’ IHE in the past six years. According to John Koynock, director of HR for Parker’s Automation Group, “We can attribute some very significant organizational improvements to IHE and the resultant changes in both attitude and employee empowerment. For example, we acquired a company that had a critical manufacturing facility in Nebraska which required quick assimilation into Parker’s culture, business systems and operating protocol. Using a grant from the state, we sent all employees through IHE. The results were remarkable, with employees gaining a greater sense of commitment and a willingness to seek out and implement new approaches, most importantly, lean manufacturing. Productivity gains and improved product quality actually resulted in the hiring of additional staff and expansion at the facility.” Koynock and his senior executives are among many who have seen the benefits of Legacy Business Cultures’ programs and who continue to implement them.

Other organizations that have used IHE to drive change in their organizations include: BASF, Starbucks Coffee, Home Depot Supply, The Cleveland Clinic, AT&T, Microsoft, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Employees complete IHE® with a renewed sense of purpose, a better attitude toward change in their workplace and a mission to share this new knowledge with fellow employees. More importantly, organizations reap the rewards of a better motivated and focused workforce.

The one-day version of the course includes pre-work exercises that participants complete online one week before the actual class date. “There are three units of instruction, including streaming video modules, that take about 20 minutes each to complete,” according to Meshanko. “The pre-work serves two important purposes. First, it familiarizes participants with the Legacy Business Cultures style and pace of the program. More importantly, it engages them in crucial self-reflection pertaining to their own performance and current comfort zones. Once we get to the classroom, they already understand the main learning objectives and are primed for an extraordinary one-day learning experience.”

For more information about Legacy Business Cultures’ offerings please visit www.LegacyCultures.com or call 1-888-892-0300.