12 Rules of Respect

The “Introduction to Blindsided: Uncovering, Understanding & Managing Unconscious Bias” Email Series

In this series, you will learn the introductory principles behind understanding and managing the unconscious biases that can negatively affect behaviors and critical decision making at both individual and group levels. Based on the most recent research from the fields of neuroscience and psychology, this program sets the stage for significantly improved interactions and performance in all areas of business.

Over the course of one week, you will receive a new email every day that will introduce you to the following concepts from the Managing Unconscious Bias program:

  • Bias & the brain
  • Affiliations and labels
  • Stereotypes & prejudgments
  • Biases & short-cuts
  • Knowledge vs. beliefs
  • The consequences of exclusive behavior
  • The benefits of inclusive behavior
  • Respect starts with challenging “lazy mental short-cuts”
  • Engagement – the key to breaking through stereotypes and bias
  • Navigating tactical bias – 6 steps for making smarter business decisions

“Introduction to Blindsided: Uncovering, Understanding & Managing Unconscious Bias” email series

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