Paul Meshanko, president and CEO of Legacy Business Cultures will present The Respect Effect: How Neuroleadership is Shaping the Service Industry at the CHART 88th Hospitality Training Conference on Monday, July 28.

CHART 88th Hospitality Training Conference will be held in Atlanta, GA from July 26-29. The conference is known for being the Hub of Visionary Training and an electric, highly connected gathering of more than 300 top hospitality training professionals. The goal of the of the 4-day conference is to develop your vision and ability to implement as a Learning Strategist, Business Partner or Culture Cultivator.

Paul will present the morning keynote on Monday, July 28 at 9:15 a.m.. In his presentation, he will explore the concept of respect and how incorporating this transformational power into your organizational culture and training will improve productivity and profitability. Paul will also share his 12 Rules of Respect to increase positive behaviors in your workplace.

According to Paul: “I am honored to give a keynote at CHART 88th Hospitality Training Conference. The message of respect is an important one for all organizations, maybe more so for the hospitality industry, where a majority of the workers are in customer facing positions.”

CHART, founded in 1970, is the leading resource for the development and advancement of hospitality training professionals and their organizations. CHART represents a workforce of almost five million. CHART includes all facets of hospitality training, learning and performance professionals; from entry level to senior executive.