Paul Meshanko, President & CEO of Legacy Business Cultures leads inaugural The Respect Effect train-the-trainer for law enforcement through Blue Courage March 17th – 18th in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Respect Effect: A Guardian’s Path to Building Trust, a 2-day class takes place at the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm each day. Meshanko will lead participants in an exploration of the importance of respect to policing and public safety, and certify them to facilitate future sessions themselves. This customized curriculum is based upon Meshanko’s recent book, The Respect Effect: Using the science of neuroleadership to inspire a more loyal and productive workplace.

Meshanko has worked closely with the Blue Courage team to create a unique curriculum built on the neuroscientific principles and behaviors of respect to assist members of the law enforcement profession to serve their communities better. Participants will learn how an environment of respect reduces EEOC litigation, grievances and turnover and leads to a healthier and more productive environment. In the community, participants will also be able to apply the principles to build trust and cooperation and to reduce complaints and unnecessary confrontations.

Blue Courage founder Michael Nila said, “Effective policing is about the relationship between police and community. Every citizen contact, whether a traffic citation or call for service shapes this view. Embracing respect as the foundation of citizen engagement is essential to the guardian heart-set and mindset. This class is a fresh, practical approach to respect and takes it from a “nice to do” to an absolute must to be productive, effective and safe.”

“Michael and his Blue Courage team have been absolutely fabulous to work with”, said Meshanko. “By providing us with important information about the unique environment in which police officers work, we have come up with a curriculum that is truly unique for those in the law enforcement profession. We are very excited to participate in this project.”

Blue Courage and its team of former law enforcement officers provide an educational process designed to ensure the development of a highly evolved police officer who is prepared at any moment to reflect the best of what policing demands. The training programs are designed to forge a culture of leadership, character and service in the spirit of what democratic policing promises its citizenry. It is a process aimed at developing the right: Heart-set, Mind-set, Skill-set and Tool-set, enabling officers to meet the demands of modern policing. Blue Courage is a brand within SMCOV, the industry leader in the global distribution of intellectual property representing leading-edge training companies and thought leaders.

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