Legacy Business Cultures, a global provider of employee learning and development, organizational surveys and helping enhance workplace cultures is proud to announce that Paul Meshanko will be the keynote luncheon speaker at the Sales & Marketing Executives (SME Cleveland) of Cleveland luncheon on March 24. The title of his presentation: Using the Respect Effect to Increase Sales & Productivity.

Meshanko is also the author of The Respect Effect: Using the science of neuroleadership to inspire a more loyal and productive workplace. As president and chief executive officer of Legacy Business Cultures in Cleveland, Meshanko understands the necessity of cultivating respect in the workplace.

“Individual contributors, sales forces and their leaders know they should be treating each other with respect, but given the demands on people and general work overload, it doesn’t always happen. Often times, taking the time to build a good positive relationship with peers and subordinates takes a back seat to just getting things done, Meshanko pointed out.

“That is unfortunate, he added, and the issue can certainly be addressed with a plan and a change in behaviors. Respect is all about taking more time with coworkers, not just tolerantly or co-existing with them, Meshanko advised. This investment of time and energy on the front end results in a deeper knowledge and awareness of each other that later leads to increased levels of effectiveness and productivity.”

According to Mary Margaret Lavelle, executive director of SME, “It has been my objective to provide pertinent and useful information for the luncheon presentations. Everyone is interested in developing sales, working smarter, not harder and increasing productivity. I feel that Paul’s presentation will provide us insight on reaching these objectives in a respectful environment.”

Sales & Marketing Executives of Cleveland will have the March 24 luncheon at Windows on the River, 2000 Sycamore, Cleveland, OH with registration at 11:30 and lunch at noon. Individuals can register online or call Ms. Lavelle at 216-767-5951. Visit www.smecleveland.com For more information on SME.