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The Respect EffectA commitment to a respectful workplace becomes part of the fabric of an organization’s culture. The greatest leverage to shape and influence culture is at the top of an organization. The Respect Effect shows leaders how to create, through example, environments where respect and workplace civility are routinely practiced. The results are a more engaged, creative and productive workforce with a reduction in EEOC litigation, absenteeism and turnover.

How we engage others leaves a lasting impression. The question to ask ourselves is how do we want to be remembered? More importantly, what are we willing to do to start responsibly building our legacy of respect today?

Knowing how to leverage culture, emotion and neuroscience to improve workplace engagement and productivity is the winning combination leaders are looking for to move their organizations forward. The Respect Effect successfully delivers these tools to the doorsteps of corporations worldwide.

In The Respect Effect, you will learn:

  • The hard science proving why respect is the most powerful employee motivator
  • How to build a corporate culture based on respect, starting with senior leadership
  • The 12 Rules of Respect: simple but powerful ways to communicate respectfully in any situation
  • The strategy, resource requirements, and tools for sustaining a respectful workplace culture

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