The dictionary defines respect as “to show regard or consideration for” and “to hold in esteem or honor.” In previous blog posts, we have mentioned that Respect Starts at the Top and that Respect Doesn’t Need to Walk on Eggshells.

So what is respect in the workplace? According to an article Paul wrote:

“For those in pursuit of increased organizational effectiveness, there’s a new game in town. Respect. And given the demographic shifts impacting the North American workplace, it makes perfect sense. Over the past several years, there have been dozens of articles written that suggest organizations can achieve higher levels of productivity, raise morale and, subsequently, retain more of their best employees when they have cultures anchored in respect.

When you’re able to consistently attract and retain the best employees, you become a learning organization. This, in turn, fosters adaptability. But it’s pretty hard to intelligently process and adapt to business environment changes when your best employees don’t feel valued and are shopping their resumes.”