This weekend I attended a conference on creativity in business. I know the topic may seem a lot different than respect in the workplace, but as I learned the two are very similar. Before you can have a safe space to create or innovate in an organization you need respect and before you can have respect you need to build trust.

Think about it. Earning someone’s trust is probably the earliest stage to developing a relationship with them. Someone gives you something, you accept it and they learn to trust you.

That reciprocity will usually lead to an implied trust, which ultimately will turn into a respectful relationship.

So how does this work in organizations?

Say you help out a colleague and give them some information that helps them land a key client. You’ve established their trust and proved that you are a valuable resource that that person can turn to. This leads to them respecting not only you but your input and advice.

What are some other ways you can build trust that leads to respect in your organization?