While this tip can have multiple interpretations, I am referring to meetings. You know the person ( maybe it’s you!) who monopolizes an entire meeting with their comments. Or it’s the person, who gives the longest explanation for the simplest point. Whoever it is, you get the idea. This type of disruptive and disrespectful behavior takes many forms.

Make it Happen

The next time you are in a meeting and notice that you are contributing too much, try to scale it back, if necessary. Instead let the person, who never gets a chance to say something share their ideas first.

Or if you are in a meeting and someone else is not contributing proportionally, gently remind them that everyone should have a turn speaking. Maybe at the next meeting, you even set a timer and everyone gets no more 3 minutes to speak per topic.

As Paul Meshanko always says in his workshops, when discussing this topic, “You are born with one mouth and two ears so use them proportionally.”