Today we begin a new weekly feature, where we suggest a respect tip for you to use in your workplace and daily life. Often these tips will seem obvious, but as everyone’s daily lives become busier, these ‘niceties’ are often the first thing we forget and are also the most important to fostering an environment of respect.

When we think about respect, we usually remember how we felt when someone treated us with respect – or disrespect! That feeling will stay with us and the next time that person needs help we will either choose to mirror that respectful or disrespectful behavior back to to them.

So what if we decided we wanted more respect?

Then, we’d focus on those small (or large) behaviors that made us feel respected the most and share them with other people.
That is our goal with sharing a weekly respect tip. Each tip will be a simple reminder that hopefully brings about big results in your own life.

Our first tip is to give a compliment.

Did a coworker do a great job on a presentation? Did an employee suggest a new idea that brought in more business? Whatever it was, give that person a compliment today. And make sure you also do this in public so this person receives the recognition they deserve.

Then, see if you can find at least one person a day to give a compliment to and notice their reaction. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how this tip worked for you.

For more ideas about how we can be more respectful, visit our series “Respect Tips”.