“A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not.” ~ Unknown

The most effective leaders don’t use words to lead, they use their actions. Think about it. Who, as a leader, has influenced you the most in your life or career?

Do you remember them more for the words they spoke to you or the life they led? It could be a bit a both but probably their actions were more memorable in the end.

We can all say that we want to be a good leader, we are a good leader but a truly great and respectful leader does not need to say any of that, if they lead by example. As the famous adage goes, “actions speaker louder than words.”

What You Can Do

As a leader, the best thing to remember is that everything you not only say but do impacts someone else. In the workplace, this may mean being a role model that exhibits the type of behavior you want to see in your staff.