If you’ve ever been to London and traveled on the tube then you’ve seen the signs or heard the announcement to ‘mind the gap.’ It’s a gentle reminder to watch your step from the train to the platform. Similarly, we all have the power to mind our mood, even if no one tells us to.

In an article recently posted by Dr. Ellen Weber, she explains The Power of Moods and Choice. Our moods are a powerful tool that we may not realize have a huge impact on those around us. Dr. Weber discusses how our moods are a choice that impacts those around us.

If we choose to be a in a positive mood that allows serotonin to flow in our brains and the brains of those who are around us, we are on the right path. But if we opt instead for a mood that brings everyone down and fills our brains with cortisol, we are doing a disservice not only to our brains but to our productivity.

So today, mind your mood and choose a positive one!