Earlier this month, I posed a question to our readers regarding our respect tip series. I wanted to know what were their respect tips. From the couple responses I got, I chose to highlight Teresa’s this week.

In her comment, she mentioned how although everyone seems to be in a hurry, it wouldn’t hurt to say “please” and “thank you” every now again, instead of simply demanding something be done.

She’s right. They are simple phrases that we often forget to utter and ones that can make a huge difference in someone’s day. Those two phrases alone said with conviction and sincerity will really endear you to anyone.

Gentle Reminder

Be polite. It doesn’t cost a thing and the benefits are many. The next time you ask someone to help you out on a project say, “please.” Or when someone does a great job on a project or turns it in before the due date, give them a hearty, “thank you.” Watch how people respond and how their mood changes and even how your workplace becomes a little more respectful.