It’s no secret. We live in a me-centered society. All you have to do is turn on the TV and watch this in action in a myriad of reality shows. Or open up your favorite social networking site and read other people’s posts.

Technology has made it easy to surround ourselves with people and ideas like us. We can now filter what we see, hear and even who we engage with, so we don’t have to interact with people or ideas different from us. Even as technology has allowed us to be more global, we still seek those people and ideas out that are like us.

But constantly reaffirming our own thoughts, doesn’t allow us to grow and accept new people and ideas when we do encounter them. It’s also difficult to respect them, if we don’t know about them first.

Explore Something New

Do you usually eat at the same place for lunch? Try the place across the street instead.  What do you know about the new employee who practices a different religion from you? Find out more by asking. What can you do today? These small steps can help you learn about new perspective and ideas.

You might be surprised by what you learn or that it will make you more respectful towards people and ideas different from you and your own.