Are employees quitting their jobs, or their bosses?

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According to The Herman Group, 75 percent of employees who voluntarily leave their jobs say they’re not pursuing other interests or chasing more money—they’re escaping bad managers and poor leadership. Using our experience in internal communications, we looked at some of the most common things employees say after they quit, and how bosses can address these issues before it’s too late.

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Disrespecting the Disrespectful

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As you surely know by now, former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been accused of sexually harassing over a dozen women. But have you heard the latest in the Filner follies? Hooters, the chain restaurant known for its scantily clad waitresses known as "Hooter girls," has banned San Diego mayor Bob Filner from its [...]

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Bosses 101: What Makes Someone a Bad Boss?

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If you dread going into work, have anxieties and fears about your workday, it’s probably because you’ve got a bad boss making your workday a living hell. Unfortunately you’re not alone—80 percent of employees leave their jobs because of their bosses. For many people the behaviors of bad bosses begin to affect their mental and [...]

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