How unconscious bias works and the effects it may be having on your organization

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Each of us stores our own version of “truth” in our minds. This story of right and wrong, of past events and their presumed causes and effects (and their emotional impact on us), becomes the gold standard by which we anticipate how current events will unfold and affect us in the future. Helpful sometimes and burdensome in others, this is the realm of unconscious bias.

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Respect Tip: Challenge Your Assumptions

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We all have assumptions, right? Even on occasion, I admit to having them too. But what exactly are assumptions and how do we go about changing them? Assumptions are like habits, because we pick them up and never question where they came from. In fact, assumptions are habits of thinking. I recently wrote about my assumptions of [...]

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What Unites Us

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A couple of months ago I met a charming woman at an intimate gathering of professionals. When I mentioned I worked in diversity training, she immediately told me about a piece her daughter had written for the NPR show This I Believe. Below is the insightful essay. Seeing Beyond Our Differences by Sheri White My mother is [...]

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The Power of Personal Beliefs

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In the past, we’ve posed questions to our readers regarding current events and the respectful behaviors associated with them. Here’s a sample: • The Cost of Barack Obama’s Inauguration: A Justified Work Related Expense or Overindulgent? • Multiple Generations Working Together • Do We Still Need a Black History Month? This time we have a [...]

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