Question of the Week

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The Cost of Barack Obama’s Inauguration: A Justified Work Related Expense or Overindulgent? There’s been a lot of web chatter on next week’s inauguration ceremony, especially the hefty price tag that is attached to it. Some people think the cost is way too extravagant for a nation in the midst of crippling economic recession, while [...]

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Introducing Guest Blogger Ruth Ramos

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With the purpose of creating a community of diverse perspectives and encouraging a fresh dialogue on respect, the Respectful Workplace blog team is pleased to announce a new monthly feature written by a guest blogger. This month our contributor is Ruth Ramos, a Cleveland, Ohio based consultant. The Beginning of Healing Probably the most popular [...]

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Are We Making Progress on Racial Equality?

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Last week I attended a lecture by Eddie Moore, Jr. at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, titled Inclusion, Equity, Privilege: Is Corporate America Making Progress in the 21st Century and held in conjunction with the current exhibition RACE: Are We So Different? To begin his discussion, Moore appealed to the audience to find common [...]

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