Respect Tip: Say Thank You, Often

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There are many times when writing a note of thanks is important. There is a certain feeling of warmth one gets from writing them. You should send a thank-you note when you are given a gift, sent flowers, asked to lunch or dinner, invited for a weekend, asked to a concert or performance or when someone does something nice or helpful in a business or social situation such as an introduction or letter of reference.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

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Ready or not, it's that time of year again when we pop that oversized turkey into the oven and hope for the best that it's moist and delicious! Perhaps it's time to shine the silver and polish the wine glasses reserved for special occasions. It is most certainly a time for families to get together and give thanks for the bounty provided by the good earth and for the many blessings of our lives.

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Respectful Office Etiquette

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There is no single place guiltier of incivility today than the office. Not every office should be tarred with this brush, but rude behavior has infiltrated the workplace to the point where a study was recently published claiming those people who were ruder were actually paid higher salaries than politer co-workers. There are definite benefits [...]

Respect Your Workplace

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While I usually write about respect from a behavioral perspective and how people treat each other in the workplace, I've never written about respect for your actual workplace, until now. After several requests, I thought it was about time to focus on something that most of take for granted or don't realize has anything to do [...]

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Respect Tip: Open a Door

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This is one of those tips that has a literal and a figurative meaning. When I initially thought about it, it was the literal meaning that struck me. But after thinking about it for a couple of minutes, the figurative meaning hit me, which means it's actually two tips in one! First, when you think [...]

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You’re Welcome!

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There are a number of basic phrases which are part of any good arsenal of etiquette words. I have discussed the virtues of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in previous columns. Here I would like to share my thoughts on the phrase 'you're welcome'. This phrase usually follows 'thank you'. But more times than not, we [...]

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Can Respect Get You a Job?

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Etiquette consultants seem to think so. In fact, the etiquette business is booming with recent grads and undergrads seeking a way to make the best impression on hiring managers. With fewer job openings and more qualified applicants, job-seekers are looking  for anything to help them stand out from their peers. This is where respect comes in. [...]

Business Lunch Etiquette for the Guest

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Last week we learned about the responsibilities for a host at a business lunch and this week we focus on guest etiquette. If you are a guest at a business lunch, be sure to arrive on time or perhaps a few minutes early. Later than 10 minutes is not a good idea and should be preceded by [...]

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Business Lunch Etiquette for the Host

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Business lunches are an increasingly important part of the process of establishing and developing business relationships. Rarely is a lunch of this sort arranged because the host is concerned that his guests are hungry and need a meal. More than likely, there are farther reaching reasons. For example, if a host invites a potential employee [...]

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The Etiquette of Communication

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I attended a great workshop along with a group of local high school students and interested adults to learn about the obstacles and problems associated with communication between youths and adults. The results were very revealing with education, awareness, and respect being the three most important elements to improving this important dynamic. There appears to [...]

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