5 Tips to Make Your Next Employee Performance Appraisal More Respectful

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Ideally, the goal of your employee performance appraisals is to give employees feedback, direction and development so they can be their best. But in many cases, performance appraisals demoralize and discourage employees rather than engage and inspire them. Here are some tips to help make your next employee performance appraisal more respectful.

Mirror, mirror on the wall – How Managers Can Help Employees Succeed

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Our job as leaders is primarily to leverage and align the talents of everyone in our organizations. That means helping each person with whom we work be as successful as they can possibly be. The following post recounts a story of a manager failing to uphold his responsibilities and lists ways in which managers can help their employees succeed at their job.

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Want to earn more money? Shift your agenda to helping others.

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One of the great joys for me professionally is when science and research finally catch up to what has been passed on and taught anecdotally for decades. While it has always made sense to me that managers, leaders , sales professionals and others who seemed to “read” others the best were the most successful, now there’s new research to back it up.

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Leadership is . . .

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I heard a wonderful thought about leadership recently. The circumstances were awful – the funeral of a friend who passed away far too young. But the commentary about my friend, and all she accomplished in her life, was truly beautiful. One speaker talked about what a natural leader she was, her whole life. He said [...]

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Freeh Report: A Lesson in Leadership

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Late last month former FBI Director Louis Freeh released a 250-plus page report documenting his independent investigation into the actions of Penn State with respect to Gerald Sandusky's sexual abuse of children. The investigation was as comprehensive as any I've ever seen: 430 witness interviews and a review of over 3 million documents.  Its results [...]

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Respect Tip: Be a Role Model

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Early in my career I made a conscious decision to not be like some of my least favorite bosses. I called them my anti-role models and secretly never wanted to turn into them. You know the type. Maybe they are micro-managers or they have minimal leadership abilities, but mostly they are people who treat everyone [...]

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