#RaceTogether: More than just a slogan scrawled on a cup

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By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Starbucks’ Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz wanting to start a discussion about race in America. He started by holding forums over the past three months in which more than 2,000 Starbucks partners (their term for employees) discussed racial issues in Oakland, Los Angeles, St. Louis, New York and Chicago.

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Children Discuss Race

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Ever wonder what kids think about race and difference? You may be surprised! This enlightening video gives some insight into what kids really think about race. People Are Children from Alrick Brown on Vimeo. Want to learn more about how kids develop their beliefs about race? Then check out Are We Born Racist?: New [...]

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Race as a Cultural Divider

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I realize it has not even been a year since we here in the US elected the first African-American president and that change is slow. But the recent incident at the Hunt Valley Swim Club in suburban Philadelphia  makes me wonder if we are making progress at all. Earlier this year, I questioned the future of diversity [...]

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What Unites Us

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A couple of months ago I met a charming woman at an intimate gathering of professionals. When I mentioned I worked in diversity training, she immediately told me about a piece her daughter had written for the NPR show This I Believe. Below is the insightful essay. Seeing Beyond Our Differences by Sheri White My mother is [...]

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Taking the Point of View of Others

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One of the Rules of Respect that we promote during our respectful workplace program is ‘to value the many different sources of knowledge that exist’. While we present this as a guideline to consider during the program, I’ve also found it equally useful in my own life. Recently I was chatting with a close friend [...]

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Local Students Respond to Discrimination

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The following article originally appeared in the March 15, 2009 edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and shows the depth of experience with diversity and prejudice of Northeast Ohio students. Stop the Hate By Sharon Broussard The high-spirited Shaw High School Band and the Cleveland Heights High School choir dazzled the crowd at the Maltz [...]

Is this the Beginning of the End for Diversity Training?

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As I watched the historic and emotional Inauguration of President Barack Obama, I pondered the future of diversity as we know it. As someone who was born at the cusp of the Generation X and Millennial generations, I tend to identify with both groups’ attributes, especially when it comes to accepting and celebrating diversity. [...]

Are We Making Progress on Racial Equality?

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Last week I attended a lecture by Eddie Moore, Jr. at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, titled Inclusion, Equity, Privilege: Is Corporate America Making Progress in the 21st Century and held in conjunction with the current exhibition RACE: Are We So Different? To begin his discussion, Moore appealed to the audience to find common [...]

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Race: Are We Really So Different?

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Recently, I posted about how we are much more alike than we are different, especially in terms of shared values. But now, science is confirming that even across racial lines, there are more similarities among us than differences. A new exhibition, RACE: Are We So Different, which opened last week at the Cleveland Museum of [...]

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