Inspiring Employee Motivation in the Workplace

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Inspiring workplaces are places where people feel motivated to perform at their best potential and to contribute their ideas for the betterment of the organization. Inspiring leaders understand that there are no motivational shortcuts. Pep talks, team building activities and salary perks all have their place, but creating a highly motivated workforce is not the result of a one, ten or even twenty times a year event.

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Respect Tip: Give Public Recognition

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The following is part of our series of featured Respect Tips inspired by the Why Respect Matters section of the recently released Respect Effect by Paul Meshanko. As the old saying goes, "praise pays." And what's better than private praise is giving public recognition for a job well done. Oh, and I am not talking [...]

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The Power of Recognition

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Yesterday I spent a good deal of my day struggling with an article for my monthly client e-newsletter. I had what I thought was a good idea. However, as sometimes happens, the more I wrote, the less I wrote, and the less I progressed. By about 4 pm I was feeling quite frustrated and discouraged. [...]

Will Your Company Have a Holiday Party This Year?

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According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the same percentage of employers who held holiday parties last year are planning to hold them again this year. Unlike last year, fewer organizations are cancelling their end of the year parties due to the economy, which seems to indicate that employers are slowly recovering. Read [...]

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