12 Rules of Respect – Rule #4 “Be a better communicator by “shaking your but.”

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Paul Meshanko shares Rule #4 in his "12 Rules of Respect" series. Have you aver been talking with someone else only to have them interrupt you mid-sentence? Do you possibly do that to others? Then this "but's" for you!

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Our favorite quotes about respect

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The following are 10 quotes that we feature in our Coffee & Keynote card deck that we give to participants during our Connecting With Respect training. These quotes help remind us of what it means to be a respectful person, along with followup actions that you can take today to promote the values of respect in your workplace.

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The Art of Being Wrong

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Every day brings a myriad of opportunities to increase our awareness, wisdom and, ultimately, effectiveness. The problem is that most of us walk right past these opportunities because of a little glitch in our mental "software"... the need to be right. In this article, Paul Meshanko discusses how to go through life with an open mind and the intent to take in new information objectively by "learning to be wrong more often."

Ignite Innovation With Respect

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In Road to Respect, I talk about the fact that it is not the absence of disrespect in and of itself that creates superior business results. Rather it is the releasing of individual potential that a respectful workplace fosters that produces that outcome. Respectful, relationship based cultures create an environment where people feel connected, where they want to contribute to their full potential and are empowered to do so.

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