Why employee self-esteem is vital to the success of an organization

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There are many reasons why it's crucial that organizations focus on helping to foster an environment that promotes healthy self-esteem among employees. Here are some valuable ideas from our Increasing Human Effectiveness workshop about how to achieve this.

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Guidelines for Building a Healthy Self-Esteem

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Being able and willing to look back at childhood challenges through the eyes of an adult has been a tremendous vehicle for my own personal growth over the past 10 years. In no area has this been truer than the subject of self-esteem. Building healthy self-esteem takes time, but can be done by consistently following a few guidelines.

Respect Tip: Love Yourself

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Valentine's Day gets a bad rap for being solely about commercialism and celebrating romantic love. But, it's also a good day to talk about another kind of love: self-esteem. We've written before about The Importance Heathy Self-Esteem, but now I'd like to discuss how loving yourself first can benefit you at work. So what is self-esteem? The dictionary defines [...]

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Respect Tip: Be Wrong, On Occasion

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When was the last time you admitted (to yourself or others!) that you were wrong? Most of us like to be right all the time. But is it possible that on occasion we might be wrong and that that might be good for us and our relationships with others? Being wrong, on occasion is not [...]

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