Recognize the “Red Flags” of a Toxic Workplace Relationship

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On April 26th I spoke at the BC Human Resources convention in Vancouver. During my presentation I talked about the fact that in spite of my overwhelming interest in supporting my clients to be proactive and preventative, the main focus of my work is “fixing” relationships that have gone off the rails, relationships that have become unhealthy and often toxic for the individuals involved.

Respect in Cyberspace

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Being a member of Generation Y, I feel like I grew up with the Internet as much as the Internet grew up with me. Back when I was a kid, having Instant Messenger was basically a necessity. Many were enthralled by this new form of communication and that enthusiasm is what created what we know [...]

Is There a Psychopath in Your C-Suite?

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As I frequently tell my audiences, one of the most encouraging findings with respect to workplace bullying is the evidence that establishes the effectiveness of coaching in shifting the behaviour of  individuals who routinely engage in disrespectful, power based behaviours. The exception, I point out, would be that a small percentage of individuals, 1% within [...]

Bullying Creates Big Business

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With growing dissent and increased violence in the workplace, anti-bullying measures are all the rage in companies big and small and with good reason! According to a Zogby poll in August, 34% percent of workers admitted to being bullied on the job. What Is Bullying in the Workplace? A Schoolyard Phenomenon Haunts the Workplace is [...]

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Disrespect on Display

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I was watching CNN briefly this morning and saw a feature about the latest trend in campaign politics. It seems that the way to win votes these days is by catching your opponent doing or saying something potentially damaging or embarrassing, and then using the video as the basis for your own campaign ad. Kind [...]

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What Is Bullying in the Workplace? A Schoolyard Phenomenon Haunts the Workplace

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A youngster who surrenders his lunch money to another child’s threats and an employee who is publicly and continually demeaned by his boss may both be experiencing the same phenomenon: bullying. While the term “bullying” is often associated with children, it is very common to see the same type of behavior in a work setting. [...]

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Bully Bosses Busted

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Power and its relationship to workplace culture is something I explore in detail in my upcoming book, Road to Respect: Path to Profit. Employers have traditionally had most of the power in the workplace, but that traditional power balance may be shifting more quickly than many of us realize.

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What Will You Do to Stop Hatred and Discrimination?

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That’s the question that local high school and middle school students are asked each year as part of the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage Stop the Hate! Youth Speak Out! essay contest. Last year, we featured the contest and the winner, Matt Soble from Solon High School, who wrote about a socially different classmate, in our [...]

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