Leveraging Culture to Build a More Successful Organization

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In the following video of a presentation to the Ardagh Group, Paul Meshanko discusses a case study of a well known airline and how they utilized the power of culture to guide their success. Paul goes on to share tips for how to leverage culture as well as the 3 core values that guide every successful organization.

What is a Respectful Workplace and How Do you Create One?

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The trend toward increased diversity in the American workforce isn’t good or bad, it’s just the way it is and the way it will be in the future. What will allow organizations to engage their diverse workforces and thrive amidst this demographic shift is simple. RESPECT.

How To Transform Your Workplace Culture From Toxic to Terrific

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No one sets out to create a toxic environment. Yet when a workplace culture evolves on its own with little attention given to relationships and employees aren’t held accountable for rudeness or disrespect, the mood at any organization can turn poisonous. The results: loss of productivity, low morale, increased absenteeism and high turnover. Don’t miss the signs. Is your workplace in danger?

The Best of Respectful Workplace: Culture

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As a tribute to Merriam-Webster's word of the year for 2014, here is a selection of posts from the Respectful Workplace blog that relate to the topic of workplace cultures. In these articles, Barbara Richman gives a list of actions to create a more respectful culture for your organization and Erica Pinsky presents Respect Tips to ensure you know where your culture is. Finally, Michael Kerr gives us an example of a work culture built on laughter.

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Trust Influences Workplace Relations and an Organization’s Bottom Line

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Trust is often cited as a cornerstone in building successful workplace relationships with employees and customers. Unlike programs that can be planned, implemented and communicated to all employees, trust has to be established through each workplace interaction. It only can be gained if the organization’s leaders and employees are attentive to a number of key [...]

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You Can’t Buy Your Culture at Wal-Mart!

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A lot of organizations don’t spend much time thinking about the state of their culture until a crisis comes up: employee turnover rates skyrocket, workplace accidents rise, or an internal employee survey reveals that (surprise, surprise!) employee morale is lower than a worm’s belly. And then the search for the quick fix begins:  let’s throw a [...]

Respect Tip: Become “We”

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In order to create a truly respectful workplace, you have to move from a 'me' organization to become 'we.' Recently, a family member was talking about her workplace. She described it as a place that has a lot of turnover. And apparently one, where the 'me' takes precedence over the 'we.' She said that she has learned to [...]

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