Respect Tip: Welcome a New Employee

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Did you know that an employee that is properly welcomed into an organization has a significantly higher rate of staying on long-term than an employee who is left to fend for themselves on their first day? Why? It's simple. Imagine your first day at a new job. You arrive to your desk to find it [...]

Listening is Key to a Respectful Work Environment

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It may be hard to believe but something as basic as listening could just be the answer to creating a supportive and respectful work environment. At work, many people spend a great deal of time talking and wanting to be heard. Some of us are on the phone all day. Others make a career out [...]

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Will Your Company Have a Holiday Party This Year?

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According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the same percentage of employers who held holiday parties last year are planning to hold them again this year. Unlike last year, fewer organizations are cancelling their end of the year parties due to the economy, which seems to indicate that employers are slowly recovering. Read [...]

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Bullying Creates Big Business

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With growing dissent and increased violence in the workplace, anti-bullying measures are all the rage in companies big and small and with good reason! According to a Zogby poll in August, 34% percent of workers admitted to being bullied on the job. What Is Bullying in the Workplace? A Schoolyard Phenomenon Haunts the Workplace is [...]

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Five Ways to Battle the Office Backstabber

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Admit it. You’ve got one in your office. Perhaps you’ve been accused of being one. The back stabber is someone no one wants to know and unless you’re educated in the ways of tackling one of these energy-suckers, you’re in for a long and painful battle in the tough world of office politics. According to [...]

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“Delivering Happiness” through Respect

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Those of you that read this blog regularly may recall my July 2009 post, which focused on online retailer Zappos, whose bottom line sales grew from “almost nothing” in 1999 to over $1 billion in 2008. CEO Tony Hsieh is very clear about what has contributed to Zappos spectacular success - it’s their values based culture. [...]

Laughter at Work

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  Laughter and work may seem like an oxymoron. Work is often associated with words like serious, dignified, and composed while laughter is associated with foolishness or goofing off. Granted, even good things can be bad if taken to extreme.  Laughter that is offensive or disrespectful is never funny or appropriate. However, laughter and work do [...]

How North Shore Credit Union is “Getting Respect Right”

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Chapter 2 of my book Road to Respect is entitled “Do You Know Where Your Culture Is?” I have no doubt that knowing the answer to that question is critical for success in business today. Workplace culture is the personality of an organization. It is the answer you get when you ask an employee, “So what’s it like to work around here?”

The Science of Optimism

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"I've learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances." — Martha (Mrs. George) Washington Are some people just born optimistic—the old nature/nurture question?  How do I separate a healthy pessimism (Can I comfortably afford this car—maybe not....) from the soul-crushing negativity that [...]

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