Did you know last month, in the wake of the shootings in Arizona, the National Institute for Civil Discourse opened? The NICD is housed at the University of Arizona, not that far from where the shootings took place.

The goal of the Institute is to advocate for civility in public discourse. I encouraged this too, after the shootings, in my post, A Call for Enduring Civility. Where I asked everyone, not just politicians, to promote civility.

This is a huge step in creating awareness to an ongoing and often destructive problem that is growing in our society. I think it’s admirable to tackle this issue in the political arena, but would also like to see it taken more seriously in the workplace. My hope is that someone will open up a similar institute to promote civility and respect in the workplace. In the meantime, we can place our hope in this newly opened institute to make a difference.

Learn more about the National Institute for Civil Discourse and their mission.