Research has shown that an employee who is happy and engaged is likely to be more productive, less likely to complain and more motivated. However, not all companies understand that it is fundamental to keep employees motivated in order to persuade them to be more productive. Here are some useful tips that might help you increase company productivity with the help of your staff personnel.

Know your employees

Most of your employees will spend more time in their place of work than they will at home or anywhere else. This means it can be a good idea to get to know them. It is easy to show you care; firstly you should ask them questions about their hopes, dreams and hobbies. Secondly you should focus on remembering their names and even job description. This will show your staff you care and that you are interested in their future.


The best employees are those which have a purpose. You may find some of your staff is happy with the same job and routine, others will want to climb the ladder and experience new challenges. Take an interest in your employees and either fund or help them sort out training. The training can be in-house or external depending upon what they are looking to study. Whether it is work related or not you will inspire, motivate and encourage loyalty in your employees. It is important to note that development also includes the basic training that they will need to perform the job properly.


This can be one of the strongest driving forces for any member of staff. Recognition for a job well done or years of service can be a simple pat on the back; it can be a large bonus or public praise. You may be surprised to realize that many of your staff will value sincere thanks far more than they will a monetary reward. “Thanks for a job well done” is enough to inspire many staff to work harder and remain loyal; simply because they feel they are more than just a cog in a machine.

Focus your attention on team work

It is essential to build a good atmosphere so that your employees will be able to communicate and hopefully get along with each other. This is one way of ensuring that productivity levels increase and the team work with a higher level of efficiency. Creating a good teamwork environment will help to establish a positive atmosphere whilst improving efficiency. Employees who work well together will build trust and this will help to encourage ideal sharing. In turn this can lead to new ideas to improved efficiency or even a new and innovative product.


The customer is one of the most important parts of the businesses and it is important that staff know and appreciate this. You will need to assess the resources available to you and your employees to ensure they are capable of giving the customer the response they need. You should also look to improve your customer experience, this will ensure they provide good reviews and get the service or product they need. The better the service the better the customer response and the better your employees will feel; this links in with the desire to be needed and appreciated.


The best manager will look for feedback from both customers and staff. They will be able to use the customer feedback to confirm they are getting the service and product they were hoping for. The staff feedback can be used to highlight any issues. However, if you use this approach it is essential to act on the feedback as quickly as possible. Responding and implementing changes in response to feedback shows the employees that they are important. These new procedures should be followed up on to ensure they are working as expected. Your employees will be grateful that their input matters and this will inspire a better working atmosphere and more engaged employees.

Bottom line is managers should find a way to bond with employees on a deeper level. Showing them that you have a softer, humane side is a great way of keeping them engaged; a positive attitude will surely persuade them to work harder and strive to achieve more for you and your company.