I was recently inspired by a blog post on recognition. In it, the author focused not only on good forms of recognition but also created a list of the best approaches to use recognition in the workplace.

I decided to work off that list to create a similar one for respect in the workplace.

1. Anyone Can Give Respect. It doesn’t just have to be a bottom up or top down approach. Feel free to respect your co-workers too!

2. Anyone Can Receive Respect. Same as above. Respect is not reserved for a select few. It should be received freely and embraced by all levels of an organization.

3. Anytime is an Appropriate Time. There doesn’t need to be a set time when respect can be given or received. Try to do it at least once a day. More would be even better.

4. Anything That Shows Respect Should Be Encouraged. This includes but is not limited to smiling when greeted by co-workers, not gossiping, or simply saying “thank you.”

What could you add to this list??