Unconscious & Implicit Bias Training

Unconscious bias impacts how how we treat others and how we make important decisions.

Originally designed for a top law enforcement agency, our unconscious bias training helps your team members understand, recognize, and manage implicit bias. It also helps them detect and manage problematic cognitive biases to make smarter decisions and take more innovative approaches to problem solving.

Unconscious & Implicit Bias Training

Is your organization having a hard time attracting and keeping the right kind of talent?

Originally designed for a top law enforcement agency, our unconscious bias training helps leaders and HR professionals create and maintain truly inclusive, engaged work cultures. Better yet, it also helps your employees make smarter decisions and take more innovative approaches to problem solving.

Science-based unconscious bias training that works

It’s hard to ignore. The topics of racism, privilege, and inequality have been thrust into the spotlight of our national (and global) awareness. That’s why helping your leaders and staff explore the often hidden impact of unconscious bias on their attitudes, behaviors, and actions is critical. Even more important is being able to equip them with the insights, tools, and strategies they need to deal with the challenge. This results in meaningful progress toward creating more inclusive, engaged, and innovative work cultures.

A safe learning environment opens the doors to growth

Having biases isn’t about your character. It doesn’t make you racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other kind of “-ist.” It just makes you a human being. By creating a learning environment that is emotionally safe, we make it easy and compelling for your team members to let their guard down and explore the many ways our brains play favorites …and the damage this can do. They then learn easy to apply techniques for spotting, discussing and minimizing the negative impact of biases in your organization going forward.

Our goal? Helping your team become more inclusive & innovative

Regardless of your industry, this is what our team of expert facilitators does better than any other training provider in the world. Period. Call or email us today to learn more about our innovative and proven approach.

Blindsided: Uncovering, Understanding and Managing Bias

“Neuroscience has shown that people can identify another person’s apparent race, gender and age in a matter of milliseconds. In this blink of an eye, a complex network of stereotypes, emotional prejudices and behavioral impulses activates.”
– Susan T. Fiske, Ph.D.
(Professor of Psychology, Princeton University)

Blindsided: Uncovering, Understanding and Managing Bias

Learning Objectives

  • Explore bias as a core human thought tendency
  • Identify the different types of cognitive bias that compromise decision making at individual and group levels

  • Discuss the nature of and how the brain uses implicit bias (bias about personal characteristics) to protect itself
  • Recognize how implicit bias leads to exclusion and disengagement

  • Learn and practice techniques for recognizing and interrupting both implicit and cognitive bias patterns

  • Develop a group plan of action for promoting inclusive policies and behaviors

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