Building Emotional Intelligence to Improve Productivity & Relationships

Curriculum Outline and Learning Objectives

The Connecting With Respect program has been used by leaders and HR professionals in the world’s most recognized organizations to help create enduring cultures of respect and civility. Sometimes called Sensitivity Training 2.0, our science-based curriculum provides your people with both the “why” and the “how” for co-creating a work environment that everyone is proud to be a part of.

Building Emotional Intelligence to Improve Productivity & Relationships

Curriculum Outline and Learning Objectives

1. Introducing Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Course outline and expectations
  • History of EQ
  • What are the 5 EQ competencies and why do they matter?
  • Introduction to the Learning Journal

2. The Journey Starts with Self-awareness

  • Review myLegacy (or other) 360 feedback results (optional)
  • EQ Self-assessment
  • Map out behavior/performance improvement opportunities
  • Discuss and map out core personal values
  • Explore why integrity is the “super value” over all others

3. Attitudes – The Science of Self-Motivation

  • Learn why attitudes are the best predictor of long-term success
  • Discuss the role that words and language play in shaping attitudes and behaviors
  • Explore why the brain biologically struggles with change
  • Discuss how the perception of control impacts readiness to change
  • Explore neuro-plasticity and practice using self-talk to “rewire” your brain for increased effectiveness

4. Mastering Habits & Behavior Change (Not included in 4-hour session)

  • Further explore the science of neuro-plasticity
  • Learn how to use affirmative reminders to reinforce behavior change
  • Download and practice using the myLegacy mobile app (INCLUDED) for staying on track with goals and behavior change efforts

5. Goal Setting and Action Planning (Not included in 4-hour session)

  • Learning to set mission & values-based goals
  • Create action plans with contingency back-ups for when things get off track
  • Discuss the importance of personal goals & work-life balance
  • Learn how to leverage the help and encouragement of others to make sure that the most important goals get done

6. Building Healthy Self and Team Esteem (Not included in 4-hour session)

  • Define healthy self (& group) esteem and explore how it impacts effectiveness, confidence and well-being
  • Take personal self-esteem survey
  • Create action plans for promoting healthier personal and team esteem
  • Learn how to facilitate the creation of a Code of Cooperation with your own team members

7. Creating a Foundation of Respect and Inclusion

  • Explore the difference between respect and tolerance
  • Discuss how respect and inclusion positively affect the human brain and why they are critical for optimal team performance
  • Discuss how disrespect and exclusion are toxic to the human brain and damage both individual and team productivity
  • Learn a listening/interaction technique for increasing your capacity for empathy and building a “bridge of respect” to peers and subordinates in a matter of minutes

8. Wrap up

  • Share best practices and lessons learned