Change Management Training

Building Adaptability and Resilience

Validated by over 50 years of scientific research and client field experience, Increasing Human Effectiveness (IHE) sets the industry standard for building a culture of adaptability, grit and resilience in your ever-changing work environment. Our science-based training process lays a solid foundation for increased personal productivity and engagement, teaching your employees how to be more focused, confident, resilient and successful in their personal, professional and community endeavors.

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IHE Workshop Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to embrace, participate in and lead change rather than resisting, resenting or becoming a “victim”
  • Explore how mastering language and self-talk are the keys for motivating both yourself and others
  • Move from a fixed to a growth mindset by displacing harmful, limiting beliefs that impede resilience
  • Learn to view failures as temporary setbacks and lessons on the road to resilience, achievement and growth
  • Rewire your thinking to see challenges as a chance to learn, grow and increase your long-term effectiveness and impact
  • Practice proven techniques for improving self-image, self-esteem and grit
  • Establish personal accountability and ownership as the bedrock of your personal brand
  • Set meaningful personal and professional goals anchored by your personal and organization’s core values

  • Learn to be a better team member, people builder, leader and ally

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According to a report by McKinsey, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams are

more likely to have above-average profitability

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Resilience is the ability to thrive during times of change.

There is only one constant in today’s workplace (and society) – continuous change. While some organizations invest in Lean, Agile or other process improvement initiatives, others focus on improving customer satisfaction. And others look to grow through mergers, acquisitions or internal restructuring efforts. The common obstacle for all? The inevitable wall of resistance that bubbles up when actual change is required. Most employees (and managers) are afraid of change, don’t want to change…or simply don’t know how to change. And if your people can’t or won’t change, then neither can your organization. That’s why, according to one recent study, 7 out of 10 major change initiatives end up in failure.

If you’d like to see your team thrive…not just survive in these changing times, make sure they have the right tools. Resilience requires mastering not only new technical skills, but also the ability to change “stuck” attitudes and unproductive behaviors. This is where IHE training excels. As your leaders and employees learn how to identify and challenge their own limiting beliefs and attitudes, they unlock the keys to a growth mindset and become co-creators of a culture of excellence. With confidence, determination, optimism and willingness to learn, your team’s potential is almost limitless. Sound too good to be true? It’s not…and we have almost 50 years of client data to prove it!

Highest rated, most experienced trainers in the industry

All of our expert instructors, curriculum designers, and speakers have real-world experience and average over 25 years of professional practice in their fields.

Developing the right attitudes and mindsets is crucial for successfully navigating an uncertain future. Legacy’s IHE program is the single most staff development process we’ve ever offered in my 20+ years with the company.
Adaptability & managing change, Parker Hannifin

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