Customer Service Training

Service From the Heart: Essential Strategies for Delivering World-Class Customer Service Every Time

The Connecting With Respect program has been used by leaders and HR professionals in the world’s most recognized organizations to help create enduring cultures of respect and civility. Sometimes called Sensitivity Training 2.0, our science-based curriculum provides your people with both the “why” and the “how” for co-creating a work environment that everyone is proud to be a part of.

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    Customer Service Training

    Service From the Heart: Essential Strategies for Delivering World-Class Customer Service Every Time

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    Based on the most recent research (and a bit of brain science), this workshop will offer you and your peers an opportunity to explore the most important drivers of outstanding customer service. First, your team will examine some of the changes that are currently impacting your industry and why it’s so difficult (but so important) to change both their perspectives and behaviors related to serving your customers. Then they will explore from their own “buying” experiences the behaviors and resulting emotions that result from both great and poor customer service. Most importantly, they’ll work together to come up with new practices that are guaranteed to keep your best customers speaking favorably about their experiences… and coming back for more!

    Service from the Heart was created for anyone who regularly interacts with customers (internal or external) and wants to improve. More importantly, it was created by the folks who have been experts in business performance improvement for over a quarter of a century. In fact, Legacy Business Cultures associates and instructors have helped over 500,000 employees and leaders improve their business skills since 1997.

    In this interactive and info-packed 2-4 hour seminar, your participants will:

    • Learn what customers long for…and hope that they’ll provide

    • Discuss your organization’s current customer services strengths, gaps and improvement potential

    • Explore how our brains respond to both favorable and unfavorable customer service

    • Take an inventory of their personal strengths and improvement opportunities
    • Discuss how attitudes often outweigh aptitude in predicting the customer experience
    • Mapping out the path to a “delighted” customer experience
    • Learning to deal with angry and unreasonable customers
    • Create their personal Service from the Heart action plan
    • Create both self and group-care plans so they can keep giving their best

    We offer our training program in a variety of learning formats to meet the needs of your organization