The Road to Inclusion

How prepared is your organization to attract and keep top talent when you find it? A culture of inclusion is the key.

Our inclusion training combines the absolute latest and best practices identified from the fields of organizational development, motivation theory and neuroscience. Facilitated either live or virtually by our expert instructors, you won’t find a more comprehensive, more engaging or
more impactful program anywhere!

The DE&I landscape is shifting

Today’s employees are more diverse than ever before. They’re also more intelligent, more socially aware and pickier about the companies they want to work for…at least long term. And after a global pandemic, Black Lives Matter and one of the most divisive elections in history, they are impatient for change. They crave a workplace experience where equity and inclusion aren’t just discussed, but are concepts that are turned into real actions, behaviors and policies that are practiced each and every day.

The road to inclusion starts with respect

Cultures that last are built upon solid foundations and when it comes to a culture of inclusion, the bedrock is Respect. That’s why The Road to Inclusion starts with a reminder that we must first master respect, which is an active process of engaging and learning from those who are not like us. As we become more comfortable consistently engaging each other in ways that esteem both them and ourselves, we can begin to shift our focus to the longer range goals of inclusion, equity, belonging and shared accountability.

A learning experience for all people

Creating an inclusive culture requires new behaviors from all employees, so The Road to Inclusion was designed from the ground up to help everyone play a part. After safely exploring how our elements of diversity often lead to very different psychological experiences in the workplace (and outside of work), your team members will also discuss and identify areas of shared experiences and perspectives. This common ground can then serve as the foundation for for establishing mutually agreed upon behaviors that allow all employees to share both the benefits and responsibilities of organizational membership.

The Road To Inclusion - workshop participants

“Inclusion can be shown by any action or behavior that makes another person feel connected, valued and safe within the community they wish to be a part of.”
– Paul Meshanko,
Founder, Legacy Business Cultures

The Road to Inclusion - workshop participants

Learning Objectives

  • Look beyond race to explore the seen, unseen and intersecting dimensions of diversity

  • Explain the business case for inclusion and equity

  • Discuss examples of inclusive and exclusive behaviors and how they affect our productivity (and health)

  • Explore how stereotypes, unconscious bias and prejudgments accidentally cause us to engage in behaviors that can be exclusive
  • Share examples of and discuss micro-inequities and micro-aggressions

  • Explain what code-shifting is and how it can erode productivity

  • Unpack the concept of “privilege” and discuss how we can use ours (we all have some) to help others feel more included

  • Collaborate with your peers to create your own Code of Inclusion as a team

We offer our training program in a variety of learning formats to meet to meet the needs of your organization