Unlocking your potential

A dynamic and inspiring life skills workshop for young adults.

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Here are some of the ways Unlocking Your Potential is utilized

Learning Objectives

  • Integrated into existing classes such as psychology, sociology, health and career education.
  • As a program for drug and alcohol prevention.
  • Training tools for coaches of athletic teams.
  • As a learning tool within student body leadership groups, such as student council, ASB club, pep club, cheerleaders, and debate team.
  • As a companion course for the high school driver’s education program.
  • Building student leadership skills whereby designated student leaders facilitate the program.
  • As a meaningful part of an in-house disciplinary or suspension program.
  • As an agenda item for PTA groups.
  • As a guidance tool for counselors at junior and senior high school levels.
  • As a curriculum for community parenting classes.

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According to a report by McKinsey, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams are

more likely to have above-average profitability

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Unlocking your potential video sample (Unit 1)

Unlocking your potential

Today more than ever, parents and educators need effective tools to help young adults become more purposeful and self-directed in an increasing and rapidly changing world. Tools to help them understand that they are beautiful and unique just the way they are, and to provide the inspiration to reach high and achieve great things in life.

Unlocking Your Potential helps develop a strong sense of self-confidence and self esteem, laying the foundation for healthy achievement and healthy emotional development. The premise is simple: catch kids when they are young enough and it’s a lot easier to help them develop the right attitudes for success in life. In the years since Unlocking Your Potential was created, thousands of students have been positively impacted by its principles and concepts, and it is currently utilized in high schools, clubs and associations around the country.

It isn’t what I have, it’s what I do with what I have that determines my performance.

Unlocking Your Potential guides young people through a process that develops winning habit patterns and offers a “tool kit” they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Participants learn about the ingredients that make up a person’s potential, how great achievers become successful, and how their techniques and systems can be applied. They learn how to develop the right attitude … a positive self-image … positive self-talk … techniques for goal setting … characteristics of high-performers … and much more.

Unlocking Your Potential provides young adults with hope and plays an important role in their lives by helping them decide where they are going and how to get there. It helps them understand why attitude management is a life skill and key to employment success. Centered around a powerful video assisted format, each Unlocking Your Potential session includes discussions and activities that make learning practical and energizing.

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