Organizational Leadership Coaching

One-on-one, small or large group.

Helping you and your colleagues

become better leaders.

Leadership Coaching Works

Benefits to companies who use coaching to support the development of their leadership teams reported improvements in:

Productivity 53%
Organizational strength 48%
Overall Cost reductions  23%
Bottom-line profitability 22%
Retaining executives who received coaching 32%

With a reported ROI of 5 to 7 times the initial investment, the effectiveness of leadership coaching continues to be demonstrated.

  • 77% of executives reported improved relationships with direct reports.
  • 71% reported improved relationships with their boss.
  • 67% saw improvements in Teamwork.
  • 63% reported improved working relationships with peers.
  • Job satisfaction increased by 61%.

Why Organizational Leadership Coaching?

Whether you are launching a Change initiative or well on your way in creating a new culture, leaders can respond differently to the changing behavioral expectations.

Legacy Business Cultures Workshops and Training provide a foundation of new ideas and an invitation for leaders to adopt new skills. While some naturally embrace the change effort, others may struggle.

Leadership coaching helps raise the awareness of leaders as to how their behaviors can help or hinder the change process, and provide them with new skills and methods to enhance their effectiveness in a changing environment.

The top 5 reasons why leaders engage coaches:

  1. Optimize individual and/or team performance.
  2. Expand professional career opportunities.
  3. Improve business management strategies.
  4. Increase self-esteem/self confidence.
  5. Manage work/life balance.

We offer our training program in a variety of learning formats to meet the needs of your organization

We have trained over 500,000 people on 5 continents in 30 different languages since 1997.


According to a report by McKinsey, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams are

more likely to have above-average profitability

employees-are-satisfied-in-the workplace-due-to-the-respect-given-to-them

Legacy Business Cultures Leadership Coaching starts with “The 12 Rules of Respect” and “The Eight Steps to Building Respect for Ourselves” as the foundations and builds a coaching plan based on the use of leadership assessments, 360 instruments, and observations to help the leader set specific goals aligned with the organizations cultural and strategic expectations.

Working with the coach, the leader has an opportunity to explore new ways of operating to enhance effectiveness.

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