“Thank you for an outstanding and engaging presentation. We received several good comments on the content. Thanks for taking the message of “Respect” to a level and understanding that really got our people thinking and which related well to our theme of creating a culture of continuous improvement and emotionally dialing our people into the future of our company’s success.”
– USG Corporation

“Although we had a diverse, inclusive work environment, our other core values had more structure, systemized improvement programs, and dedicated resources — Respect for People was trailing in its formal approach – Legacy Business Cultures customized the Connecting with Respect program for a global rollout and there has been an instant impact.”
– DuPont

“We have been doing employee ’satisfaction’ surveys for several years, but with Legacy Business Cultures on board, we were able to interweave questions developed specifically to ascertain the level of respect within. So far the survey results and the manager-level training include a clear link to organization-wide efforts to foster a culture of respect.” – Medical Mutual of Ohio

“Legacy’s programs provide a common language and a foundation for us to build on. In a small business one ineffective relationship can devastate an entire business line. Legacy Business Cultures provided the guidance and programming to help bring big business training and development to a small business atmosphere.” – Century Federal Credit Union< /cite>

“Thank you very much for planning & sponsoring this morning’s Core Leadership Retreat with Legacy Business Cultures. I gained new knowledge and reinforcement of core attributes and behaviors essential to leadership… I am certain we’ll continue the work effort launched in this morning’s event.”
– University Hospitals

“The Legacy process is changing our management style, hospital culture, and enhancing our ability to achieve our mission.”
– Cleveland Clinic Hospitals

“Legacy’s programs have proven to be the perfect compliment to support (and arguably anchor) both our Lean Enterprise and Strategic Deployment initiatives!”
– Parker Hannifin

“Once again, thank you very much for speaking at the Cleveland HR Star Conference. I am very pleased to report that you received a 96.55% approval rating which is fantastic to say the least! In addition, 20 people scored you as the best presenter at the conference. Well done!”
– HR Star Conference

“Paul, thank you for your leadership and your commitment to BASF Admixtures in exposing our organization to the IHE approach…to both work and life.”
– BASF Admixtures, Inc.

“From a business perspective, IHE made sense right from the start. Because of its emphasis on empowerment, personal accountability and attitudes, it has proven to be a perfect complement to support (and arguably anchor) both our Lean Enterprise and Strategic Deployment initiatives.”
– Parker Fluid Connectors

“The training you put together for my Field Sales Team was right on the mark. It was interactive, invigorating, and held the attention of a mix of seasoned professionals and new hires. More importantly, everyone on my team came away with a better understanding of their customers, what drives them, and how to work with them to create win-win situations. I think very highly of Legacy Business Cultures and would gladly recommend your company to other organizations considering such an investment.”
– Anchor Tool & Die Company

“I wanted to thank you again for a job well done this week at our Leadership Conference. I have taken many courses over the years. This one covered areas that will be beneficial for my colleagues and myself. You did an excellent job of facilitating and bringing the group together.”
– BASF Admixtures

“You helped us identify issues and unwanted behaviors and then tailored a program… based on our work community and the respect needed to maintain a safe, healthy, productive and fun workplace. The program was an absolute success! We are still benefiting from better communication patterns within our whole organization and our team approach… is stronger then ever. There is also an overall better attitude displayed from all levels of the organization… It has helped both restore and reinforce our culture of excellence.”
– Logan Generating

“The IHE workshop exceeded my expectations both in quality and content. My staff left the sessions with the tools necessary to make a difference. I can also honestly say that the workshop provided insight into myself and the tools to make myself better.” – Benjamin Rose Institute

The “Legacy Business Cultures” IHE process distills the important issues relating to life, success and the ‘how to’ for self-motivation. The process is changing management style, hospital culture and enhancing our ability to achieve our mission.”
– Cleveland Clinic Hospitals – West