Suzanne Hoonan
Suzanne HoonanSenior Consultant

Suzanne Hoonan has been positively influencing corporate teams and individuals for three decades as a professional coach, consultant, facilitator, and teacher. She has founded two successful private corporations focused on organizational development.

Her first career began as a consulting RN specializing in psychiatric nursing and the mind/body/performance connection. Her processes are based on the universal principles of cognitive and social science which draws from multiple research disciplines including psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and biology.

Suzanne’s experiential models make it easy for people to engage with her at personal, leadership, team, or organizational levels. She teaches how self-imposed, limiting beliefs prevent you from realizing your full potential and then assists you in overcoming perceived obstacles. She also provides insights into how culture impacts the performance of your organization and your individual members. It is very exciting to learn how healthy leaders can catapult their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors into creating healthy organizations!

Suzanne begins engagement with the discovery process to determine your specific needs and then aligns those findings with customized approaches which may include: surveys, executive coaching, strategic planning, and training. She believes to sustain results you may need to recalibrate some internal structure or systems and she will provide ongoing support to ensure new skills are being maintained to evaluate performance.

Suzanne’s clients include Microsoft, REI, Alaska National Insurance Company, Banner Bank, Callison Architects, Starbucks, Tree Top, Plum Cree Timber Company, Sage Fruit Company and Hospital Corporation of America.