I recently returned from a trip abroad to Spain. Part of the trip included a five-night stay in Mallorca, an island off the Mediterranean coast. The resort I stayed at was nestled into the mountains, overlooking the sea. While the vistas were breathtaking, I was (almost) as struck by the people who worked there.

They all seemed so happy.

Not just smiling, but really happy. Chatty, interested, full of insider island tips, and seemingly concerned about our experience.

Why were they all so darn happy?

I’m guessing it was more than just the Spanish sun. There must have been something their employer did to keep morale and engagement so obviously high. As an HR practitioner, I’d love to know what.

Perhaps a combination of good pay and benefits, training and opportunities for advancement, and an environment where the employees felt they mattered.

In other words, a respectful work environment. Whatever the employee engagement cocktail was, I can say it elevated my experience tremendously.

And isn’t that what employers want for their customers?