“The Legacy Respect process continues to be an unforgettable journey for our Corporation and has become instrumental in impacting the way we conduct business internally and externally.”
— E.I. Dupont

Legacy Business Cultures’ Connecting With Respect curriculum has been helping organizations for over 15 years to achieve a more respectful and therefore productive workplace.

By signing up for this email series, you will be introduced to some of the main concepts behind this powerful curriculum so that you can begin to see why it has had such a positive transformative effect on so many organizational cultures.

Are you ready to learn the tools to help your organization learn how to utilize the power of respect to promote greater cooperation, more open communication, creativity, commitment and even improved physical health for your coworkers?

Try the Introduction to Connecting With Respect email series today and start the path towards implementing one of the most important competencies your organization can master – RESPECT.

In this email series, you will learn:

  • Why respect?
  • The neuroscience behind human reaction
  • A new definition of respect
  • Tolerance does not equal respect
  • The “Road to Respect”
  • Examples of how two well-known companies have transformed their organizational culture through the power of respect

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