Emily Page
Emily PageConsultant & Coach

Emily joined Legacy Business Cultures team in 2017 as an experienced diversity and inclusion consultant and coach.

Emily Page is a seasoned consultant, coach and facilitator with corporate, small business and entrepreneurial experience spanning 30 years. She is an expert in the areas of organizational development, change management, leadership development and strategic planning.  She is a former CEO of a $27M retail operation. She has also held leadership positions with Fortune 500 corporations such as Hanes Hosiery and Nortel Networks.  Her corporate experience spans the disciplines of accounting, marketing, human resources management, organizational development and training.  Emily earned her BBA in accounting from Howard University and her MBA with studies concentrated in marketing and organizational behavior from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

With her interpersonal capabilities for connecting with anyone, Emily has worked with clients from the C-Suite to the manufacturing floor.   She has a high degree of empathy that enables her to meet her clients wherever they are and help them in moving through the changes they desire both on a personal level and organizational level. Emily is noted for her in-depth listening skills and for her ability to challenge her clients to move to action toward their goals in an environment of trust and support.   She offers the truth to her clients without judgment in a manner that enables them to hear it and to embrace it as an opportunity for learning and change.

Emily facilitates her team and organizational clients in the discovery of their collective wisdom, the recognition of the best of who they are and the declaration of what they uniquely have to offer. Knowing these essential parts of their core enables her clients to spark their creative spirit in the quest for their goals. She leads her clients to the discovery of their wisdom and intuitive knowledge of what they need to do in order to solve their problems, seize opportunities and reach their desired goals.  Emily has worked with organizational clients in the US, India and in South Africa.

Emily has been leading workshops and change initiatives in the area of diversity, inclusion, personal mastery for 20 over years.