This month, we highlight selections from our blog that demonstrate the value and importance of focusing on employee engagement in the workplace. In these posts, our authors discuss research as well as ideas for inspiring greater employee engagement in your workplace.

New Study on Employee Engagement Focuses on Trust

By Sindy Warren

Dale Carnegie Training recently released the results of a new study on employee engagement. The findings might surprise you. Even if employees are passionate about what they do, they won’t be engaged in their workplace unless they trust senior management and feel a bond with their immediate supervisor.

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Inspiring Employee Motivation in the Workplace

By Michael Kerr

Inspiring workplaces are places where people feel motivated to perform at their best potential and to contribute their ideas for the betterment of the organization. Inspiring leaders understand that there are no motivational shortcuts. Pep talks, team building activities and salary perks all have their place, but creating a highly motivated workforce is not the result of a one, ten or even twenty times a year event.

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Creative Ideas for Rewarding Your Employees

By Melanie Sklarz

As the economic downturn looms over the upcoming holiday season, companies are coming up with ever-more creative ways to thank their employees. Even if your budget can no longer afford to give hefty bonus checks or throw lavish parties, it’s still better to show at least some appreciation for a year of your employees’ hard work than to ignore it completely.

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New Brain Research Provides a Wealth of Insights for Leaders and Managers

By Paul Meshanko

I have long considered myself a student of brain sciences. I am fascinated by how we store information and learn, how emotion plays a role in imprinting and decision making, why behavior change is so difficult… anything that might eventually permit me a greater degree of mastery over that big, grey walnut-shaped mass between my ears. For those with similar curiosity, it’s a great time to be participating in the business of business. There have been more discoveries about how the brain works over the past 5 years than perhaps the last 150 combined…and more is coming out every day.

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