We all have assumptions, right? Even on occasion, I admit to having them too. But what exactly are assumptions and how do we go about changing them?

Assumptions are like habits, because we pick them up and never question where they came from. In fact, assumptions are habits of thinking.

I recently wrote about my assumptions of rural of America. Because I had always lived in suburban or urban environments I never questioned those assumptions, until I was confronted with them and thrust into an environment I was slightly uncomfortable in.

So how do you change your assumptions?

Well, for me, it was the act of simply going to a place that I knew little about – literally! For you, it could be inviting that co-worker who you thought you couldn’t get along with to lunch. You might be surprised to find out that you two have more in common that you initially thought. With that new knowledge, you may just learn that your assumptions about her were all wrong.

Go ahead and challenge your assumptions today!