Respect seems like such a simple concept. One that we were all taught growing up. Something that our family and community instilled into us. A way that we live our lives.

But respect is not defined the same way by everyone. And respect is certainly not experienced by everyone in the same manner either. I still hear people saying that, “respect is the Golden Rule” while others insist that, “respect is the Platinum Rule.” Often people will describe respect in terms of how they felt. An approach that we often use here.

Throughout the last year, I have shared a series of respect tips that I have illustrated with my personal stories. I have written about an argument with a loved one in Choose Your Words Thoughtfully, working with someone who was very different from me in Acknowledge Everyone’s Story, and in Recommend Someone described how a former boss recommended me for a new job after I was laid off. These are just some of the tales I have shared about myself over the last year. It’s pretty safe to say that you know where I stand on respect.

That’s why we want to hear from you. We want to know what respect means to you. We are looking for guest posts for a new series that highlights your experience with being respected, especially in the workplace. We want to feature you and your stories right here on our blog.

  • What does respect means to you?
  • When was a time that you felt really respected?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • What did you learn?

Please submit your posts or ideas in our comments.