Employers can increase effectiveness of performance appraisal process

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Although employers understand the rationale for assessing employees’ performance, they frequently view appraisals as burdensome tasks that they would like to avoid. During times such as these, we can ensure that the appraisal process remains a priority by focusing on its benefits and examining ways to increase its effectiveness. Although approaches to the appraisal process vary among employers, there is general consensus that practices, such as the following listed in this article, will increase its effectiveness.

5 Tips to Make Your Next Employee Performance Appraisal More Respectful

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Ideally, the goal of your employee performance appraisals is to give employees feedback, direction and development so they can be their best. But in many cases, performance appraisals demoralize and discourage employees rather than engage and inspire them. Here are some tips to help make your next employee performance appraisal more respectful.

Hope is Not a Performance Management Strategy

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While hope is generally a good thing in life, it can be problematic when managers use it as a performance management strategy. An all too common scenario is: A manager hires someone who never should have been hired, or keeps someone around who should have been terminated long ago. The manager hopes the employee will [...]

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Introducing Nadia Nassif

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Bringing another perspective to respect in the workplace, Nadia Nassif is a tireless advocate of language training and language learning. She has spent almost a decade teaching and coaching in Japan and the U.S. and is now the Principal and Principal Trainer with Springboards Language Training and Consulting, LLC. Don’t Wait Until Reviews for Language [...]

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